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Minute Mage: A Time-Traveling LitRPG Author:Reg Rome Sort: urban 242 reading

Arlan can go back in time by one minute, once per day.
And every time he levels up, he can go back a little further.
But, even with his growing power, Arlan has never been in more danger. Demon magic was never supposed to make its way into the hands of humans, and its original owners would go to any lengths to take it back.
What to Expect:
-Numbers. This is a LitRPG written by someone who loves LitRPGs. It won't be overwhelming or confusing, but if you dislike the genre, this probably isn't the story for you. Blue boxes ahead!
-Meaningful progression. Characters are always working to grow more powerful, but doing so is difficult. Level-ups are hard-earned and bring with them meaningful change in characters' abilities.
-Tactical combat. Fighting is as much a battle of wits as it is a battle of muscle, after all.
-No harems.